Route 66 Icon To Be Demolished For Jack In The Box

A Jack In The Box!  I drove from this spot to the other Monrovia Jack In The Box and it took 1 minute, at most.  If it had to be a fast food drive thru, why couldn't it be In-N-Out?  That's what a hamburger's all about.
Maybe a less popular chain was necessary so traffic didn't back up onto Huntington Drive.

Seriously, the Pottery Ranch is such an icon its image is on postcards that have become collectibles.  When you send that next postcard showing off local pride to friends and family around the world, will it have a photo of Jack In The Box on it?  I doubt it.

From the Staff Report:
"The improvement to this corner eliminates mixed uses and different styled buildings resulting in a visually appealing development.
Priceless.  It's a drive thru fast food joint.  A 24 hour one at that.

I have no problem with the owner being able to sell the property or that change is inevitable.  But Jack In The Box?  Put this one in the loss column.

Story: Monrovia Patch


Steve Scauzillo said…
Oh, too bad. I totally agree with your post, Keith. A Jack-in-the Box!? The Pottery Barn was eclectic and a landmark. It's too bad the city couldn't hold out for something better.
D. Musick said…
Guess we need some more choices...I mean there's only a Popeye's, Taco Bell, KFC, McDonald's, Burger King, Subway, Donut Shop, Rubio's, Quizno's, Domino's, Panda Express, Jersey Mike's, and Round Table in the area.

(did I miss anybody?) ;)
JRodriguez said…
I agree: an In 'n Out would've completed Monrovia's fast-food smorgasbord. The new Jack in the Box building looks nice, but I don't even go to the one that's closer to us.
Stupid City. Wasn't there any kind of outcry over this? Whoever writes for Monrovia's Patch needs to get people riled up. It's done wonders for stopping MTA and keeping development out of Green space. We seem to be failing on the east of Sierra Madre side.

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