Pioneer Point Buffet And Grill - Cooking Now

Now open!


Unknown said…
Went to Pioneer Point last night...BIG MISTAKE. As my wife commented on, "The bathrooms look like they haven't been cleaned since Macaroni Grill was around".

The food was bland, and lacked any flavor. Most of the items at the buffet looked like they were all cooked via microwave. Instead of "Cooking Now" sign, it should read "Nuking Now"

We will not be going back. And if other people noticed the same, this place will not last. There is too much competition and other choices in the area...
Anonymous said…
Wanted to have a party there, but decided to try it out first.

Good thing that I tried first and I am not going back to this place again.

Food were cold and no taste at all. Could not tell, it is Chinese, Mexican or American foods.

The worst part was every 5-10 minutes, some one popped up and asked how is everything.
EatTravelEat said…
Yep, now open! Unfortunately they have quite a few improvements needed in order to make it a restaurant fit for its location!
Anonymous said…
Just got back from Pioneer Point. Had a little aprehension after reading some of the posts...BUT we were extremely pleased. All the food items we tried were excellent. My niece ABSOLUTELY LOVED the Pasta Alfredo I think she had three or four helpings! Perhaps they were just getting the kinks out and have now mastered everything.

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